RINK Goalie Development offers several training options for your Association needs. 

We can host a Coaching Clinic as well as Development Clinics for any association size and budget.

RINK Goalie Development Association Programs Include:

Association Goaltending Clinics that are scheduled periodically throughout the hockey season using association-supplied ice – typically an association would offer 3-6 clinics for their goaltenders to ensure that the most important position in the game is being properly managed.

These clinics can be ran on site for the association or at our RINK Training Centre.

Association Team Consulting is a program by which our RINK Goalie Development personnel will attend regular team practices to support your goaltender-development needs.  Often this type of activity is done alongside a series of clinics so that RINK Goalie Development can provide the necessary curriculum-type environment and then deal with specific needs during these team-based sessions.

Association Coaching Clinics are offered as a final cornerstone to your association goaltending plan. While goaltenders must take developmental responsibility and, at times, be self directed in their focus and while RINK Goalie Development can integrate to further support all of an association’s goaltending needs, it is crucial to bring your coaches online with support.

RINK Goalie Development has a progressive clinic offering for coaches to ensure that practice environments are built and conducted in a manner that will support the goalkeeper’s needs without infringing on the needs of the broader team.

To register for one of these options or to explore other needs within your association email info@therink.ca.

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