This is your opportunity to harness the power of

video game analysis that the Pros receive.

Receiving instruction in a training session is great, but does not offer the instructor the ability to see how you respond and react in a dynamic game environment.

GDI uses it’s Online GDITracker-Student Login system to provide the following:

Scoring in key game areas:

  • Rush Management / Net Play / Battle and Compete / Reads and Anticipation / Mobility / Rebound Control / Traffic / Mental

Video Breakdown of your game footage including:
– Paused game-play, slow motion review, audio overlay, and Professional positive and negative


  • Detailed report highlighting Areas Of Focus in your game as well as Correction Tips
  • Comments system allows you to have interaction directly with GDI about your game. This interaction will allow you to ask any further questions regarding your play

Pricing Options:

Game Evaluations

Provide GDI with game footage or have an instructor attend and videotape a game. After, we will breakdown the game footage and provide a scouting report and review session.

  • Video Provided – $100
  • GDI Attending Game + Written Evaluation – $150
  • GDI Attending Game + Video Analysis – $180 (Additional Travel charges to be included) 

Scouting Video

Scouting video for goaltenders that are looking to approach College and University teams. Each video is approximately 10 minutes in length and highlights strengths from the goaltender that is shown through video during GDI 1v1 Lessons and past game tape.

Per Video – $120.00


– Email GDI Goaltending at to setup a game analysis. We will invoice you depending on what option you have chosen. If you choose to have GDI shoot the video we will setup a time to come out and shoot the video. If you are supplying the video upload instructions/options will be provided.

– If needed we are able to provided a video camera that can be rented out to use to tape.

– You will receive login information to view your completed analysis with video, scoring and detailed written analysis.


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