As most goaltenders know there is a common trend to many GDI Prairie Training Sessions of ending off with a competitive game of 3 puck.

Tonight's battle was a barn burner for the ages. After a decisive Gold medal win quickly established by Team Loewen, the next two rounds added pressure on both goalies to keep their team in it. After several sudden death rounds for the next two medals, both goaltenders showed little sign of losing their composure in the crease. With both sides being relentless to crumble, many say flashbacks of the 1972 Summit Series were comparable to what was witnessed this 1st of September at GDI.

After Ferguson released his "signature" shot to capture the Silver medal, Loewen went on to miss his next two shots. After two spectacular stops, one within inches from going in, Team Ferguson took advantage and ended up capturing medals of both the Silver and Bronze.

After tonight's battle both sides took home medals and were pleased with their efforts. Tune in for more updates on GDI Prairies 3 Puck Challenge soon!