Moving closer to the month of August, GDI Prairies is in Regina instructing  the Regional Summer HP3 Camp from the 25-29th. Over halfway through the week goaltenders have felt the excruciating drive that it takes to set new standards for their game. Realizing the importance of building proper technique within layers, each goaltender has re-established their dedication for their position as they get set to enter training camp for the 2011-2012 season. First time at GDI Prairies? Well, now you may know what it takes. Day in and day out, your game cannot be left behind. The High-Performance level provides the highest-level of instruction available on a regional basis and is designed for the elite-level netminder. This program hones tactical and transitional skills and expedites a goaltenders physiological and psychological development.GDI analyzes and integrates shot preparation and positional play into each goalies style of play. Teaching netminders to integrate highly efficient down mobility, GDI calibrates the athletes "up" game with their "down" game. What to expect when attending camp?
  1. Physically demanding on and off-ice sessions
  2. Fitness testing
  3. Classroom/Pre-Ice to enhance goaltenders knowledge
  4. Line work...and more line work
  5. Off ice development (power, speed, agility, strength, quickness, aerobic and anaerobic systems)
  6. Flexibility and Hand Eye development
  7. Daily journal sessions
  8. Professional instruction
  9. Unparalleled structure and progressive drill planning
  10. Being pushed outside your comfort zone and receiving the best development experience of your goaltending career

Pictures from 2011 Regina Regional Summer Camp