By Lorelei Leona MJHL Web Correspondent   Matt Krahn is undeniably one of the best goaltenders in the MJHL right now, but even with proven consistency over the past two seasons, Krahn still holds himself to high standards. “I think it was a little bit of a shaky start to be honest,” the OCN Blizzard netminder says of his performance so far this season, “I think it’s started to pick up now, so hopefully that will continue into the second half.” “For Matt’s standards, I thought he had a bit of a rough start just because of how well he did last year,” says OCN head coach Jomar Cruz, “Obviously he set the bar pretty high for himself, so he was a little more inconsistent during the start of the year and when he got into more games, more consistently…like three or four in a row, he really brought it on and brought that Matt Krahn we knew from last year. “He’s pretty much been a steady horse since then….I think that Matt has done an excellent job of bouncing back from a slow start from his standards and my standards for him” With a save percentage of .912, Krahn says that he is constantly working on things like his rebound control and moving the puck better with the defensemen to improve his performance on the ice. “On the ice he gives our team a chance to win every night. Whenever he’s in the net, he’s definitely there to make a big save and makes it look easy,” Cruz raves about his netminder. “Even when he’s not busy he’s always there making sure that if there’s a save to be made, he’s there. I think that’s the biggest thing he brings on the ice, is that consistency that he’s had over the last year. “Off the ice, he’s a pretty quiet leader. He’s not very vocal in the room, so I can’t say he’s a leader in that sense, but he shows you in the way he performs.” A silent leader, Krahn leads by example and chooses to focus on the game at hand, rather than worry about any pregame superstitions. “I think if you have a superstition before one game and you play bad, you can just use it as an excuse and blame it on that superstition. So I don’t have any superstitions,” he says. Joining the Blizzard last season, Krahn has proven to be steady asset to the OCN lineup. “He’s been very steady. We brought him in to be a starter and he did that last year,” says Cruz of Krahn’s performance last season, “He played a lot of games, and every game is played he earned. For the amount of games he played in the short amount of time he was here, he’s been very good for us.” The OCN currently sit in second place in the Sherwood division, trailing the Kings with 46 points, but Krahn hopes that the team will be able to make that move into first as the season progresses. “Hopefully we’ll be able to move up from our second place to a first place,” he explains, “and clinch that first place spot so we can get a better outcome in the playoffs and hopefully go as far as we can.”