Early on in the year one of our goaltenders has already been through a tournament with his team. Colin Wiebe most recently helped backstop his team to the tournament championship. Through the 5 games Wiebe held 5 Wins and a 1.40 GAA. Adding to this he also was awarded the MVP for one of the games. From the day he dawned the pads Colin Wiebe has been training at GDI Prairies. Training throughout the year he attends one-on-one training sessions, clinics, and summer camps. In this years 2012 Winnipeg Advanced Summer Camp he was awarded the "Most Dedicated" Goaltender for his efforts and persistence throughout the week. This young netminder idolizes some of the games greats such as Patrick Roy and Tony Esposito. As it is almost unheard of for a young boy at the age of seven to know who these goaltenders are Colin watches highlight reels of them on video. The staff at GDI would all like to wish C-Dubs all the best throughout this year as he continues to be one truly dedicated student of the game.