GDI netminder Devan Johnson was recently awarded the CTV Sports Star of the Week Award. This season, the Stonewall Rams were ranked last in their division. That didn't matter when the puck dropped on the Winnipeg High School Hockey League playoffs earlier this month. The team knocked out St. Paul's Crusaders, the league's best and regular hockey powerhouse. The boys had a lot of help from their goalie who is also the only girl in the league. "I just love playing the position I do because I'm the last line of defence," said Devan Johnson, the 15-year-old female goalie. "It feels unreal to know that I can save a game or lose a game for my team." For the full CTV interview with Devan Johnson Click Here. Coming up her team looks on to play in a wild card game to move on and enter Provincials.   DJ has been training at GDI Prairies over the past four years as she has attended GDI Prospect Clinics and countless one-on-one training sessions. The staff at GDI would like to congratulate DJ on her recent success and wish her all the best coming up!