Ryan Cyr has been Jason Kasdorf’s goaltending coach for seven years. The Winnipeg native has watched Kasdorf grow from a gangly kid, struggling to get from one goalpost to the other gracefully, to an outstanding – still quite skinny – Division I college netminder and National Hockey League draft choice. He’s a very hard-working kid who kept improving, improving and improving, year-after-year,” Cyr said. “Jason has natural athleticism but had to work hard to develop it. And he’s done it.” Cyr worked mostly with Kasdorf on positioning and cutting down on unnecessary movements. “Obviously, he’s a big guy who can use his body effectively,” Cyr said. “I worked with him to be more mobile and use his size to cover the net and not over-committing or wasting motion.” It was a proud day when the hometown Winnipeg Jets, the former Atlanta Thrashers, chose Kasdorf in the sixth round of the 2011 NHL draft. “Very proud,” he said. Cyr and other Winnipeg fans have followed Kasdorf and take pride in his achievements. “We here in Winnipeg follow him pretty closely,” Cyr said. “And we’re pretty proud whenever one of our local guys gets a milestone like that.” Cyr said he got together with Kasdorf for lunch when the goaltender went home during the Christmas break. “We talked about how things had progressed for him,” Cyr said. “We talk about once a month or so. I keep a pretty close watch on him and how he’s doing. I’m so happy for his success.” For the full article Click Here.