Weather in Winnipeg is a determining factor in so much of our behavior throughout a given year. The changing of weather so infrequently from hot and sticky to cold and rainy! From the cold windy winters to the hot heat for the odd summer days it can determine ones mood, level of activity and in some cases even inspire us.

Spring/summer months are often described as the off season for many sports so it can become increasingly difficult to stay motivated to train when the weather becomes increasingly hotter. Because so much evidence exists around the importance of consistent and focused practice, help in motivation may be needed.

Justin Johnson, psychological sport performance coach out of Minnesota, describes Clarity and Creativity as 2 factors that may largely help one stay truly motivated.

Johnson says, "it is nearly impossible to be truly motivated towards a goal if you lack the clarity of what the goal is and or how to get there. Many athletes struggle with clarity because they feel that "getting better" is enough of a direction."

Unfortunately, such a well-intended, yet vague, direction is exactly what robs us of motivation. Instead find a specific action or skill you wish to develop with your time and energy. This will increase your clarity and motivation to follow through. For some having clarity is all they need to sustain prolonged periods of motivation to train. For others they need little doses of creativity to catapult them into consistent and focused training. Dr. Saul L. Miller describes clarity as providing direction and order, and it reducing uncertainty, which many people find stressful. Having a plan set in mind for how to reach your goal(s) will help keep you self motivated and directed.

Creativity, when looking for motivation, is to think about what typically inspires you, and then package it in a new way. For example, many of us enjoy competition so perhaps you pick someone in the weight room (maybe without them even knowing it) and say to yourself "I'm going to stay longer than that person", or "I'm going to out work harder". When it comes to creativity in motivation you can be as odd and unrealistic as you wish because it's just a mind game between you and your training. No matter the circumstances, ran or shine, use that sense of creativity to create a strong performance - motivational attitude.

Remember, the motivation to do anything will always be inside you. Most often all you need is either the clarity or the creativity to tap into it. Once you do you will be equipped with desire and a will that will push you further.... even on the most beautiful summer day!

The one's that continue to prepare are taking the steps towards success.