A goaltenders motives play a large part in one's path to success. What drives someone to play the sport of hockey? During a GDI lesson in the past, as I was working with a goaltender towards the end of the hour session I asked the question, " Why do you play hockey?"

This question can be diverted and tossed around into other questions, but the question is normally answered with these 2 answers:

1. I play for fun

2. I play to win championships (success)

A couple months before your training camp it is beneficial to take some time to think about why you play hockey. For any sport that is played there must be a true love and passion that comes with it. This passion of course grows as an individual becomes more accustom to the competition in sport and thrill of winning. This question of "Why do you play hockey?" will lead to your goals and objectives for the upcoming season, and ultimately help you find the true meaning of what you would like to achieve by playing.

One of the answers I received back a couple years ago was as in-depth as "without hockey I would be lost, as my love for the game completes me."

Coming up soon we will discuss more about motivational factors and the importance that they have on your training camp and future hockey career.

Enjoy the weekend!