GDI goaltenders, Joe Caligiuri and Mark Friesen, were recently over seas in Europe to kick-start the season with the University of Manitoba Bisons hockey team. Halfway through the trip the Bisons had accumulated three wins in three games, which included a shootout victory from Caligiuri in game one of the trip. Stopping two out of three stops in the shootout the Bisons were able to claim their first win, helping lead into their remaining games in Italy where they picked up a 6-3 win over Ritten Sport of Italy in the semi-finals of the tournament, and then onto a high scoring 7-4 victory over the Bremerhanven Fischtown Penguins in the final. The Bisons also played a pair of exhibition games in Austria against the EC Graz 99ers and also against the Landshut Cannibals of Germany. Both Joe Caligiuri and Mark Friesen have been students within GDI Hockey for over the past decade, where they have also been led into being instructors at both GDI Regional and Prospect Camps and instructing 1v1 sessions out of the GDI Prairies Satellite Training Center.