Who was that guy?

It's Wednesday afternoon on August 20, a month before the 2014-15 Western Hockey League season begins, and the Everett Silvertips are holding check-in at the Everett Events Center for their veteran players. Dozens of teenage boys in shorts and T-shirts gather in groups as they await their turns to have their headshots taken, trading humorous anecdotes from their time back home during the summer.

In one group stands an unfamiliar figure. Trim of body and thin of face, he nevertheless seems right at home among the crowd, as if he's been a part of the team for years. austin lotz 8Upon closer inspection the mystery is revealed. It may have required a double-take, but the so-called stranger is unmasked as none other than Silvertips goaltender Austin Lotz. Yet it's not Austin Lotz, at least not the same Lotz who backstopped Everett the past three seasons. Instead, it's a player who's gone through a butterfly-like metamorphosis, transforming both his physical appearance and his goaltending style. And it's this new version of Austin Lotz who holds the key to Everett's season. For the full article by the Herald Net Click Here.   Austin Lotz has been a staple at GDI Goaltending as he has trained with the company for 5 years - Going through GDI 1v1 personal training sessions, the Off-Season Academy, and through Off-Season training with Elite Performance.