For many players in the MJHL, their lives are not just about playing hockey. It’s about making a difference in their community. It’s about commitment and believing in a cause. You don’t have to look any further than Zach Rakochy and Kyle Rous of the Steinbach Pistons to see the positive impact players in the MJHL make within their community. After a recent game, both players got their hair cut in front of more than 100 fans who cheered on every clip and falling clumps of hair. “Kyle and I talk about this last summer,” said Rakochy, who was still wearing his goalie pads when his locks dropped to the ground. “We wanted to raise money for special causes. My money went to the Canadian Mental Health Association, while Kyle’s went to Prostate Cancer awareness.” Between the two, they managed to raise more than $2,000 in hair-cutting donations. Booths were set up at the Steinbach rink and fans were encouraged to dig deep in their pockets. The hair-cutting project started growing after Rakochy was deeply impacted when a former hockey teammate took his own life. “We had played junior together. He was a good buddy of mine,” said Rakochy, 19,who hails from Canora, Sk. “He suffered from depression. When he took his life it really hit me hard. I wanted to make a difference after that." “When I was getting my hair cut I was thinking about him. I was almost tearing up. It really felt unreal knowing I was helping and making a difference.” It was a very special night in many ways for both players. The Pistons had won the game, their hair was coming off and Rakochy was named the game’s No. 3 star, turning aside 33 of 34 shots, in addition to contributing offensively with an assist. “I was glad to get rid of the hair,” said Rakochy, who now sports a buzzcut. “You couldn’t see my namebar because of my long hair. I’m glad it’s gone, but it is a bit colder on my head now.” A cold head because of a warm heart.   For more on this article from the MJHL Click Here.   The staff at GDI would like to take notice of both players and there tremendous effort and courage for stepping up and raising money in a dramatic way throughout the month of November.