The Total GDI Academy is not designed for the individuals who want a casual program. This is for aspiring professional athletes looking to take their game to the next level.GDI Prairies, being the regional leader in goaltender development, has designed a unique program that offers goaltenders something you can’t get anywhere else in the country.

With a goaltenders performance on the ice being the main area critiqued and evaluated across Western Canada, GDI Prairies has created a goaltending academy that incorporates all on-ice aspects that will take the aspiring athlete to new heights. Through this academy goaltenders will be able to advance their potential, year by year, through each level of the program eventually leading them into the pro ranks.


1v1 Private Lesson:

  • The most efficient way to maintain and enhance the technical and tactical aspect of your game is 1v1 instruction.1v1 sessions are 1 hour in length and consist of 15 minutes position specific movement and 45 minutes of TECHNICAL teaching. These are training sessions that are correlated to each goaltenders own personal developmental needs.

8 lessons Scheduled by client within GDI Business Hours

Goaltender Specific On-Ice Conditioning Session:

  • GDI Prairies is introducing a new circuit based training system that allows goalies to train specifically for their position.Each session is 50 minutes long and will be structured as a confined space movement circuit working through intervals of 30 seconds on and 45 seconds off and 15 seconds on 25 seconds off.

8 Weeks – Movement CircuitsTuesdays 7am (15-up and Females)Thursday 7am (11-14)

Goaltender Tactical Performance Session:

  • This area of the summer academy is designed to have each goaltender in realistic game activity. Through game simulated drills goaltenders will improve performance due to the variability of situational characteristics involved. Compared to a blocked context of training where goaltenders have a pre-determined notion what is about to happen, the variability in these sessions will create success based on ones adaptability to change within a goaltenders technical and tactical mindset.

    These sessions are based in July and August to prepare goaltenders for training camps the approach.

8 Sunday Sessions

3pm 11-12AA

4pm 13-14AAA

5pm 15-upProspect

6pm FemaleFemale.


Offered by Elite Performance Centre’s Athletes will get 3 conditioning sessions per week executed by an Elite Professional.


·One On ice goaltender conditioning sessions/week (8 total)

·One 1v1 Private lesson/week (8 total)

·One Tactical Performance ice session/week (8 total)

·Threeconditioning sessions/week (24 total)

This Academy is designed for athletes that are dedicated and passionate about their game. GDI Prairies has catered this academy to individuals that are looking to become professionals within the goaltending domain.

As this is an invite only Academy that you have been chosen, the on ice ratio is low. Be sure to secure your spot as space is limited.Please Register ASAP to Reserve your spot.

Academy Dates:

June 28th – August 21st

Academy Cost:

Full Academy $1560 + GST= $1638 or 2 payments of $819

On Ice Academy$1080 + GST = $1134 or 2 payments of $567

On Ice Conditioning only $240 + GST= $252

Tactical Performance Sessions only$ 480 + GST= $505

1v1 lessons only$515 + GST= $540.75

Off Ice conditioning $480 + GST= $504