GDI Prairies is pleased to
announce that our Power Hour Sunday Clinics are Sold Out. Please stay tuned for dates and times of the next segment of these clinics to take place after the New Year.

A terrific compliment to broader training services, GDI's Power Hour Sundays provides a narrow enhanced detail on key goaltender performance issues such as position specific movement (PSM), Puck Handling, Net Play, and Rebound Control.

As each goaltender progressively develops, it is crucial that they find ways to handle the high demands of pressure that they face in games. Preparing for this, a goaltender must have a strong competitive environment in practice. Practice through repetition will help towards gaining one's true confidence within their own comfort zone.

For example, picture a goaltender that doesn't get involved in team breakouts or forechecks by not playing the puck. Transferring into a game, this goaltender would now put themselves in unfamiliar territory when attempting to handle the puck and be mobile outside of the net.

On the other hand, the goaltender that does get involved outside of their crease has the advantage of being more self aware of options available, and situations that may approach.

GDI's Power Hour will provide you with specific details on key goaltender performance issues, evidently leading to you honing your position. Training with GDI Prairies will decline the stress you face and will establish a drive leading to your own optimal zone of performance.