GDI Specialty Clinics are taking over Sunday afternoons!

For the past month, GDI has conducted two specialty clinics on rebound control and net play.
Each clinic includes an hour and a half ice session with structured drills set out to master a specific technique related to the demands in today's game. After the ice session the goaltenders attend a half hour presentation on the on ice topic. With GDI's Specialty Clinics providing a narrow enhanced detail on key goaltender performance issues, each goaltender redefines the way they structure their game.

Today's clinic was on Net Play & VH. Key developmental points revolved around having an approach that was initiated by one's visual attachment, ice awareness, and save response time. With constant repetition and instructional feedback, each goaltender developed a more defined approach to the techniques used in surrounding areas in tight to the net.

In the lecture based around net play, a large focus was implemented towards establishing ice awareness. Due to the fact that teams are using systems to combat set plays from the corners going north-south and also behind the net moving east-west, it is important that a goaltenders game has a correlation between ice awareness and zone awareness. For example, when a goaltender retreats to their post as the play transitions to the corner they must be aware off the puck carrier but also of the possible pass options that may create scoring chances. On top of this it is important to understand where these threats are based on the ice, which will relate to how the goaltender must respond and react to them as they approach and as they happen.

Coming up are the next two clinics on puckhandling and transition and traffic management.

Don't fall behind with tryouts and training camp approaching. If you haven't started training yet, now is the time!