Looking for a quick way to take your game to next level? Look no further, on our new GDI Goaltending blog we will provide you with some fast and effective drills to help you reach your maximum potential and boost that save percentage from all areas of the ice! This week on the Try This Thursday blog we will feature a puckhanlding drill that will force goaltenders to read the play in front of them and make a good first pass. To start the drill the Coach will have the pucks at the corner of the blueline, F2 will start at the middle of the blueline, and F1 will start on the opposite corner of the blueline. The goalie will start facing the Coach who will then rim a puck once the goaltender is set. As the Coach rims the puck he will follow his dump in and stop on the hashmarks along the boards. While this is happening F1 will also skate down the wall and stop at the hasmarks along the boards on the opposite side as the Coach, and F2 will skate down the middle acting as a forechecker. Next, F2 will skate to either the Coach or F1 and cut off one of the two outlet passes. Once the goalie has stopped the puck behind the net, they will read what side of the ice F2 has skated to and make a pass to the opposite side, either the Coach or F1. After the goalie has made a strong outlet pass they will return to the net.

Keys for the goaltender:

1. Ensure that the goalie takes as straight of a line as possible to the puck to allow them maximum time to stop the puck and make a decision with it.

2.Next, once the goalie has stopped the puck behind the net they must pull it off the boards, and swivel/open up their hips to face up ice. This will allow the goaltender to see the entire ice and make a read. This will also help them to retain the ability to move the puck to either side of the ice.

3.When making the ‘first pass’ the goalie should make a hard tape-to-tape pass along the ice to increase the chance that their forward/defenceman can receive the puck cleanly and reduce the risk for a turnover. 4.Lastly, the goalie must return to the net in a prompt fashion incase of a turnover. Hope you guys enjoy the drill, try to incorporate this into your summer training or spring team practice.

Email me at dasan@gdigoaltending.com if you have any questions or want to see a specific type of drill on the next post!