Looking for a quick way to take your game to next level? Look no further, on our new GDI Goaltending blog we will provide you with some fast and effective drills to help you reach your maximum potential and boost that save percentage from all areas of the ice!

Hope you all enjoyed the drill last week! Puckhanlding is an important skill that coaches value and can help take your game to the next level. This week we will cover a Position Specific Movement (PSM) drill that you can implement at the start of practice, any time throughout practice, or at the end of practice. Here we will start on the left side of our crease at the top corner in a butterfly. The first movement will be a backside push to our post, landing on the left post in our lead leg down post position. Next, use your anchor leg (right leg in this situation) to pivot yourself to become flat with the goal line and push off the post with your left leg to get across the crease, landing on the right post again in our lead leg down post position. From here we use our anchor leg (left leg now) and dig our skate blade into the ice and use it pivot us off of the goal line. Then use your right leg (that is against the post) to push off to the top right corner of the crease. Once there repeat going back in the opposite direction. When pushing off either post to the top of the crease try imaging making a pad/stick to the near side, working on a pattern of directing the imagined shot back into the corner then recovering back to the post to start and restart the drill everytime we push back to the post. This is important in this drill because we wouldn't want to be set in a butterfly position at the top of our crease if the shot was not coming right away (similar to a 1 timer situation).

Keys for the Goaltender: 

1) Make sure that we engage our eyes first in all of these movements to help us gain visual attachment with where we are going. 

2) It is important to have the skate blade of our anchor leg making contact with the ice in this situation as it is going to be the driving force of our pivot to square our push to the opposite post. 

3) When pushing across the goal line from post to post, keep the lead leg (previously our anchor leg) extended so we can make contact as soon as possible with our skate and gain coverage on our post quickly. 

4) When on either post it is important to maintain a tall position which will come from our anchor leg helping us to achieve maximum height. 

5) Lastly, ensure that when we push off the post to the top corner of our crease, we again gain angle with our anchor leg to line up with where we are pushing to. 

Hope you guys enjoy the drill this week! It is a good PSM to try and to work on integrating in and out of our lead leg down while using our butterfly. If there are any questions about the drill or suggestions for next week be sure to email me at dasan@gdigoaltending.com. Have a great rest of the week!