Hey guys! Here we are again, back for another week of GDI's Try This Thursday. Don't be afraid to email in if you would like to see a specific drill to work on a specific aspect of your game! Last week we had a good, simple drill with an angle change and a little bit of a read with ice awareness. This week we are going to head back and work on some puckhandling with soft dump in's and chips. It is important to work on these variations of dump in's as they are often used to eliminate a goalie's time when handling the puck and try to force them to stay back and allow the opposing teams forecheck to take over. 

We start with pucks just outside the corner of the blueline. The goalie should begin standing wherever they would if a rush was coming into their zone. Next the coach will flip a puck into the corner or on net, then the coach will skate into the corner, hashmarks, or stay at the blueline. If the puck goes to the corner the goalie should skate hard to the puck and corral it. Then the goalie must make a hard tape to tape pass to the coach/skater. If the coach stays at the blueline, they can call for either the pass or a hard clear off the last pane of glass before the blueline (the 'window'). On the dump in, if the puck goes to the goalie, they must catch it and slam it down to the ice hard to ensure it lands flat. Then either make the pass to the coach/skater in one of three positions or make the clearing shot. 

Keys for the Goaltender: 

1) Either get to the puck quickly or slam it down to the ice quickly! This is important here as with a soft dump in you will not have a ton of time to corral the puck and make a play.

2) On both sides, blocker and glove, open up our hips to face up ice. This gives us a better vision of what is happening and will allow us to read the play better. Plus then the forecheckers will have a tougher time reading off of yourself as well. 

3) Make a good tape to tape pass. Hard and flat along the ice to your coach/shooter. 

4) If making a clearing shot, aim for just before the blueline on the glass as it will then be tough for the forechecker to react to the bounce off the glass and keep the puck onside. 

5) HUSTLE! Get back into net and ready incase of a turnover.

Drill Layout (Click to enlarge)