Now this week a little change for the sake of change! We are going to hit a new dimension that we have yet to touch in our goaltending training! This week we are going to look at a dynamic skating drill. For this drill all we will need is 3 cones and a little bit of space. Take the cones and line them up in a row, each cone about 1-2 feet apart from each other. From there we will stand beside the cones and choose one side of the ice to always face. Now we will use C-cuts and pivots to move laterally through the cones. Once we have gotten to the last cone we will move 360 degrees around the cone and travel back in the opposite direction again moving laterally facing the same direction the entire time until we get back to the other side of the cones. 

Keys for the Goaltender:

1) Use C-cuts, pivots, and tomahawk turns to move through the cones.

2) Line up side ways to the cones and keep our body facing the same direction the whole time as we move through the cones. 

3) As we move, ensure that our hips stay as square as possible. Additionally, our upper body should act independently from our lower body and stay square the entire time. 

4) Limit movement with our hands (have quiet hands), and keep a solid glove position as we move.