Last week we had a great drill to work on dynamic skating and foot speed. These things may not seem overly relatable to game play, but they are much more involved than you would think. Many times throughout a game a play will unfold where we are not able to make a precise and technical movement and must rely on our mobility, speed, and power to place us in the right spot to make a save. That is why more unorthodox drills like this can boost your game!

Now this week our we will move back to a focus on tracking shooters and threats, as well as reading players. F1 will have pucks in the corner and start the drill by walking out of the corner and around the top of the circle. F1 can shoot the puck anytime, from the corner to the top of the circle, or pass to F2 who will be waiting beside the net as a backdoor option. Play out the rebound. 

Keys for the Goaltender:

1) Starting on post, track with F1 ensuring to gain depth as F1 moves closer to the middle of the ice. 

2) Keep square to the puck as we move, and make sure that the goalie has the middle of the body lined up with the puck as they move.

3) The goaltender should be aware of the backdoor option, and read F1's body language to see if/when F1 is going to shoot or pass to F2.