As we are getting into the full summer swing I hope summer training is going well for everyone and you are having an opportunity to try some of our drills out. Starting in keep your eye out for a new segment of this blog which will include video demonstrations. 

This week our feature drill will incorporate a more game like scenario to get our minds back into a strong mindset heading into the final months of summer training. X1 will start with pucks along the half wall. They will pass a puck to X2 in the slot who will corral the puck and take a quick shot on net. After the goalie makes the save and recovers back to X1, they will pass a puck to X3 at the point. Next, X3 will walk the blueline as X2 goes to the high slot to screen and X1 shifts to in front of the crease for a second screen. X3 then shoots for a tip or to the net through the double screen. 

Keys for the Goaltender: 

1) On first shot from X2 in the slot, look for the goalie to set their feet for the shot. 

2) The goalie should follow their rebound on the first shot, and then reset to X1 on the halfwall. 

3) Again, the goalie should aim to have their feet set and track with X3 as they move across the blueline. 

4) The goalie should hold their ground in the crease and not allow themselves to be pushed back by X1 screening infront. 

5) When X3 releases the shot, the goalie should look to move their body with the puck and track down towards the puck and/or the area of the redirection to cut the net the puck sees. 

Look forward to next week as we have some big things in the works for our new Try This Thursday blog!

Drill Layout