Back for another week of Try This Thursday! But we have revamped the blog and added video clips of the drills to offer a visual of what we look for when coaching, and what you can keep an eye on when working through these drills. 

This week we are featuring a simple step and read drill.

1) The goalie starts at the top of the crease in the middle of the net. The shooter starts off the corner angle of the crease. 

2) On shooters 'GO' the goalie steps on angle to the shooters puck. 

3) The shooter can either shoot or take a step low and then shoot. The shooter should shoot far side or to the body. 

Keys for the Goaltender: 

1) A fast step on angle to set our feet to the puck. 

2) Identifying if the shooter is shooting or going to walk low. If the shooter walks low, the goalie must track with them on their feet. 

3) The goalie should always have their body lined up and square to the puck. 

4) There should be a strong focus on controlling the rebound and if the shot is low directing the puck to the corner by guiding it with your pad/stick. 

5) Additionally, there should be a strong focus on incorporating and moving body, hands, and head all down and towards the puck, tracking down. 

Video Breakdown

-The goalie does a good job maintaining visual contact with the puck and tracking the puck all the way to the completion of the save

-G reads whether the shooter is stepping or shooting and moves/plants feet effectively to make the save

-The goaltender keeps his body square to puck throughout save and tracks with and down on shots

The goaltender featured in this video is Tyler Brown. He currently plays for the Regina Pats of the WHL and has been a GDI Goalie for 8 years.