This drill highlights an important puck handling skill to give a short pass to a D-man so they can make a quick outlet pass. This quick pass to the D-man is then followed up with a pass cross-ice where the goalie must square and move laterally to get in line with the puck. 



This video features GDI Goalie Nik Anderson (Flin Flon Bombers- SJHL).  

Video Breakdown: 

1) In the first step of the drill watch how Nik slams the puck down so it drops flat and then makes a smooth pass to his 'D-man'; key for getting out of the zone quickly. 

2) Next, when Anderson steps up for the first pass and then across for the second pass see how his body stays upright and tall. This helps him to look bigger to the shooter and give him a better sight line to track down on the puck later.

3) On both plays Nik does a good job rotating to gain proper angle with the puck and then when he pushes across maintains a good depth for the shot. 

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