Sunday night had a battle between Addison and Sher-Wood Division Leaders, Steinbach vs. Virden. GDI Goaltenders Adam Iwan and Zach Rakochy both had very strong nights in this one. Both were tested close to even as Iwan faced 38 and Rakochy 36. Steinbach took this one by a score of 5-2… with the game being capped off with the final goal of the night being scored by an unpredicted point-getter… the Pistons netminder! Rakochy fired a hail mary bomb that was sent from the backwall down to the opposing teams hashmarks and into the empty net for goal number 5 and his first career goal. “There was a battle around our blue line,” recalls Rakochy, who at 20 is in his final year of junior hockey. “The puck ended up coming to me ... I looked at our defenceman, but one of the Virden guys was going towards him. That’s when I decided to dump the puck out of our zone.” A play he’s practiced hundreds of times since he was a youngster. And every chance he has at practice. “I lofted the puck over everyone’s heads. It actually almost hit the roof I put it up there so high. The puck landed around the Virden blue line and just kept going and going and going." “It’s great that our team is off to a good start,” says the native of Canora, Sk. “It really feels excellent. We worked hard in training camp, the pre-season and it’s carried right into the regular season.” For more on this interview by the MJHL Click Here. For the games full stats Click Here.   Rakochy has been training over the past two years with GDI Development Coordinator and Steinbach Pistons Goalie Coach Dan Ferguson. In addition he has been through numerous year of GDI 1v1 training sessions and National Camps travelling in from Canora. The staff at GDI would like to congratulate Zach on a feat that a world of goaltenders could only "dream" of doing. Coming up I am sure that much more success will lead your way this season.