On February 11th the historic Hockey Day in Canada was celebrated by GDI Prairies, The Rink Training Centre, and Elite! On this Saturday visitors were encouraged to enter The Training Centre's "Shooting Challenge", in The Rink Training Centre state of the art shooting pad, with 2 Winnipeg Jets Tickets on the line...Also up for grabs were door prizes that players were able to enter for a chance to win an Ice Rental at The RINK Training Centre along with various Booster Juice Prizes. The team of GDI and The Rink instructors also went out to support Steinbach Miller day on January 28th. This day was outdoors and was a phenominal community event that brought all hockey players, coaches, and parents together to celebrate the great game! On this day GDI Prairies and The Rink offered skill instruction to goaltenders and players from 7-14 years old. GDI trained netminders Brenden Edie and Zach Rakochy from the Steinbach Pistons also came out to help with the GDI team as they demonstrated drills for the goaltenders.     [gallery link="file" columns="4"]