After a grueling 5 days, Regina Regional Summer Camp 2011 is complete. A week full of memories for each goaltender, and an experience like no other across the nation as each goaltender was put through a developmental process like no other. Moving through the week, each goaltender was driven by continuous self-motivation, along with having that extra push from each GDI instructor. After a week full of on ice learning, repetitive and descriptive movements, off ice testing and training, and in class lectures each GDI goaltender was mentally and physically exhausted by the end of the week. Through the extensive training, each goaltender became that much more prepared heading into August to continue to work on their development heading into training camp. GDI Prairies would like to send out a big thanks for the appreciated help from on and off ice assisting instructors Andy Desautels, Casey Parker, and Travis Pelletier, and group leader Myles Hovedebo. Up next is Winnipeg! GDI Pre-Season Tune-Up and Prospect Clinics are approaching quickly, along with the Winnipeg Advanced and High Performance Summer Camps!  

Regina 2011 Summer Camp Pictures