"He has the opportunity and the mindset to be an elite goaltender. He has the desire to get better. There isn’t a day that he enters the building without a desire and willingness to get better."   To find out what’s behind Bobrovsky’s strong play, we went to Columbus goaltending coach Ian Clark. Here are the highlights of a conversation we had after today’s morning skate. SI.com: Describe Bob’s style for people who don’t see a lot of the Blue Jackets.Clark: Bob’s a very athletic, very competitive goaltender. He plays the butterfly like so many others today, but he has that extra dimension with his natural athleticism. Guys can put time in at the gym to become more athletic, but he’s naturally gifted with the agility and flexibility that allow him to contort his body in dramatic ways to make stops and keep his eyes on the puck to carry on the fight. He plays a little more aggressive than some bigger guys like Mike Smith or Henrik Lundqvist who play deeper in their net. Bob plays above his crease, he tries to get out further to make himself bigger. That creates challenges because the angles change, but that’s…where his athleticism pays off. SI.com: Towards the end of his time in Philadelphia, he seemed like a guy whose confidence was shot. Was that something you two worked on when he came to Columbus?Clark: That probably was the case in Philly. But the time he spent in the KHL during the lockout [helped]. He was a top goalie over there and that allowed him to reclaim the moxie and swagger that comes with being a No. 1. We worked out together prior to the lockout over the summer, so I had to opportunity to get to know him. He’s a naturally confident guy, he believes in his own abilities.... For more on this article by SI.com Click Here.