The Columbus Blue Jackets structure of their Development Camp was a little bit different this year. Goaltender sessions were held on the last two days for the four goaltenders in camp. "Number one, goaltending is the most individualized coached position within the game of hockey," stated Goalie Coach Ian Clark."It is an opportunity to have that experience with them. The other big thing for us is that we have three or four goaltenders that are European so that they are typically overseas so we don't have as much of an opportunity to get into their game mechanically, structurally, and athletically within the various components of the position." {Blue Jackets goaltending coach Ian Clark is the man who puts in the time to make sure these kids fulfill their NHL potential, and he sees development camp as his best annual opportunity to go “hands on” with the goalie prospects. One of his objectives is to give the players specific instruction to take back to their respective teams, and last year, Korpisalo (like all the goalie prospects) had some homework when he returned to Finland. "First and foremost, they’re bigger and stronger and that’s the normal evolution you see (year-to-year)," Clark said. "You hope that additional size and strength parlays into a bigger presence in the net, faster presence in the net and a quicker presence in the net. "They’ve got a great role model here in Sergei Bobrovsky, watching how quick he is and how he takes his athleticism so seriously and how it converts on the ice in game situations."} For the full report on the Columbus Blue Jackets Goaltender Sessions Click Here.   Ian is recognized as a leading educator of the goaltending position as his knowledge and innovative approach has attracted high-performance goaltenders at the NHL, minor pro, major junior and NCAA levels.He was the founder of GDI (the Goaltender Development Institute) and served as technical author of From the Crease – The Self Development Guide to Hockey Goaltending from 1998-2003 and The Goalie News from 2003-08. Ian Clark joined the Columbus Blue Jackets as goaltending coach on June 6, 2011. He joined the organization after serving as the Vancouver Canucks goaltending coach and consultant from 2002-10.