Go to a work place when a) There is no management around and b) a Manager is in the building. What is the difference. How does the atmosphere change. In most cases the environment changes into a rush of doing your job right in hopes of impressing the boss. Why is this the case? Why can't an employee just work to the best of their ability for the reason of achieving self-satisfaction? First of all there must be a common will or a want to do it. This "want to do..." must come from within. A person will look to be consistent at something when they find that passion and that love for what they are doing. Relating this to the life of a goaltender in hockey... As a goalie there is that difference that separates many from being good to great. Many coaches refer to this as ones mental make-up; are they mentally tough? Others suggest that it relates to the fact of can they simply stop the puck? Are they athletic? A key importance that separates the goaltender that a) fails and b) the goaltender that fails, gets up again and achieves his or her goal is ultimately their ambition. This can divide the good and great goaltenders. An ambitious person is one that cares about what they do. They are passionate about their duties. They LOVE what they do. When a goaltender displays these features they have the chance to reach new heights. Reason I say chance is of course because things must fall into place properly over time. “If you’re bored with life – you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things – you don’t have enough goals (Lou Holtz)." When you step on the ice, whether it is for a practice - training session - game, you must have the DESIRE to do what is right, not just once, every time. When you can't find this DESIRE you must relate back to your goals. Why are you here. Why are you playing on this team? Looking for things to just fall into place for you? When building a puzzle as a child the pieces never went into place by themselves. You had to strategically find what works. You had to be persistent and not give up. When putting together that new video game system that you got for your birthday you struggled to set it up. You had to ask for help. The next time you get ready to step on the ice remember, your are the boss, it is your job and this is your passion. You are here because you love being a goaltender, and you have a desire to reach new heights!