One of the main reasons why I am posting this article is due to the fact of the large number of goaltenders that simply believe that they aren't catching any breaks.

The position of being a goaltender takes a lot more than luck, that is for sure! No matter what age, a goalie can not put their development on the back burner. They must be learning daily and be open to exploring their game. I have seen too many goalies enter a practice and focus strictly on A) Results and B) Quantity of shots. Both of these will have no direct impact on the consistency of a goaltenders style and play when they must perform. What goalie coaches and head coaches must take into consideration is the QUALITY of repetitions that a goaltender displays. With this being said please read the article below and look into how GDI trained Sergei Bobrovsky invested in himself to gain confidence and bring success to the Columbus Blue Jackets.  

5 Questions: Are Richards's Jackets playoff fit?

By Doug Harrison, CBC Sports

For a brief moment, while his players enjoy a much-deserved day off, Todd Richards allows himself to revel in their recent success. The Columbus Blue Jackets, having played 10 games in 19 days, need a mental break and time to get refreshed, said their head coach, before putting their franchise-record 11-game points streak (7-0-4) on the line Friday night against the visiting Calgary Flames. Richards said there’s a buzz in Columbus for a team with one playoff appearance in 11 seasons. {Questions #2. Sergei Bobrovsky is fifth among starting NHL goalies with a 2.05 goals-against average and second in save percentage at .931. That compares to 3.02 and .899 totals last season in Philadelphia. Where have you seen the greatest improvement in his game?} Credit for Bobby’s play also has to go to our goalie coach, Ian Clark. They’ve been working on Bobby getting up taller in the net with traffic [in front]. He was a goalie that would get hunched over and low. And I think Bobby sees it now. A lot of times when guys get to this level, they’re into their routines and beliefs and what’s got them [to the NHL] and a lot of times they don’t want to change. There was some resistance from Bobby. But I think once Ian went over some video with him and showed him things and he went [on the ice] and worked on it, I think Bobby started to see it. Confidence isn’t just show up to the door, knock on it and say ‘I’m here.’ You get confident because you invest in yourself and do things to improve yourself. And then you start to get the results and that gives you more confidence. For more on this article Click Here.