Longtime GDI goaltender Austin Lotz was thrown in to a situation that he hasn't trained for at GDI or Elite before... With so much on the line for both teams as they eye up a playoff spot, it was to no surprise to see so much emotions boil over in this one. Everett had the lead with less than 3 minutes left in the final frame when Evan Wardley of the Thunderbirds took a charging major. After this a big scrum in-sewed by Lotz which in turn lead to Brandon Glover venturing to the far end of the ice to go toe-to-toe with Lotz. One of the linesman tried to collar Lotz, but that allowed Lotz to take a few free shots, and in addition put himself inbetween both goalies going at it. Both goaltenders traded blows as the linesman stayed tangled between them both. Glover picked up the instigator and the game misconduct, but that probably just made the win a little sweeter for the Silvertips. Lotzy..Auzzie...Chubbs...People Champ?