The Rink-Training Centre, GDI Prairies, and Elite approached the month of November with a charge to change the face of men's health... and they did just that! The team raised a total of $12,971.00 in 29 days! 50 members joined the RINK/GDI/ELITE TEAM, sporting mustaches and spreading awareness! Across Canada, the nation raised a total of $37,952,645... adding to the total of $104,418,691 raised around the world! Take a look and Click Here. GDI Prairies would like to Thank all of the supporters that helped raise money for such a great cause. With such a great cause the hockey community has raised awareness through sporting the "mustache" on the ice, catching media attention, and all in all creating the jump to raise money and contribute! Until next Mo-Vember, wear your Mo with pride!