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GDI Program News


Spencer Tremblay - GDI Prairies 1As the summer progresses the months of August and September are starting to fill up for 1v1 sessions at the centre. We are now open from 9:30AM-9:30PM during the week, 10:00AM-3:00PM Saturday and Sunday. To make sure you secure your spots throughout August and September we suggest signing up for your 1v1 sessions well in advance! Sign Up Button - GDI Website grey background______________________________________________________________________________________

In The Crease

KenoraYet another busy week for GDI Goalies. This week saw GDI hit the road and travel to Kenora, Ontario. Goalies at the camp were put to the test not only on the ice but off the ice as well, completing daily dry land workouts. GDI’s camps have long stood for a comprehensive approach to goaltender development with a strong emphasis on the technical, psychological, physiological and equipment dimensions of the game. Also taking place this week was the second GDI Prospect Clinic back in Winnipeg. Goalies worked through multiple on-ice sessions and also attended a lecture on becoming a complete goaltender. KenoraThe prospect clinic is designed to have each goaltender in realistic game activity. Through game simulated drills goaltenders will improve performance due to the variability of situational characteristics involved. Compared to a blocked context of training where goaltenders have a pre-determined notion what is about to happen, the variability in these sessions will create success based on a goaltenders adaptability to change within their technical and tactical mindset. The road trip for GDI won't stop here as GDI is back on the road this week to Brandon, Manitoba for another summer camp. ______________________________________________________________________________________

Question of the Week

2014 NHL Awards - InsideWhat NHL goalie is your preseason pick to win the Vezina Trophy this season?

Send us your answer by tweeting us (@gdigoaltending), post a comment on our instagram (gdigoaltending) or post your answer to our Facebook wall. ______________________________________________________________________________________tweet of the week gdi goaltending LETvkrxhFrom @lotzy30 "Huge thanks to @Cyrzy  @GDIGoaltending  @EL1TEWINNIPEG for transforming me to a completely different level of an athlete this offseason #fish" Follow us on Twitter @GDIGoaltending_________________________________________________________________________________________



Are you looking at getting new equipment? Ask us about our Vaughn demo equipment. We have 3 different sets of Vaughn equipment that are available for you to demo during your 1v1 lesson at GDI Goaltending. From left to right: Vaughn Velocity 4 7250 (28"+1) Vaughn Velocity 5 7800 (35"+1) Vaughn Ventus LT90 (34"+2) Contact us at info@gdigoaltending.com if you have any further questions ______________________________________________________________________________________
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