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Total GDI Academy (Off-Season Edition):  Week 2 Report

  Each Monday this section is dedicated to the goaltender of the Academy. Features include updates on group progress, pictures, and videos.     What Would You Want Them To Say? Nicknamed the "Wizard of Westwood", having won ten NCAA National Championships in a 12 year period, putting belief in faith first over sport. These are only a few well respected facts and qualities that represent John Wooden. Wooden has also been known for his simple inspirational messages to his players. Looking to his words he declares that "the softest pillow is a clear conscience ". From this statement I would like each goaltender that is reading this to take the time to think back to the first day of training for this years off-season. Look back at the days and weeks that you have already been training. I would like you to ask yourself, "who am I satisfying?" I have seen many athletes go through a summer and put in countless hours each week, putting in the so called "hardwork", and yet not finding the benefits during their quest to get to the next level when they reach training camp/ tryouts. The answer to finding the "gold" at the end of the rainbow lies deep in the heart of each athlete. Harvard researchers collaborated on a project to define what makes a successful life, and produced a list called "The Five L's". At the beginning of this list LOVE was the most basic but also one of the most important ingredients for success. Think about it, if YOU love something deeply you will put desire and passion into your work. An artist that does not have any interest in the picture that he is painting will not bring their best brush strokes and most defined color contrast. Returning to training, this has a direct relationship with how an athlete puts their time and energy into each training session on and off the ice. Past star coach of the Chicago Cubs Jimmy Piersall said the first thing he did before the start of every spring training was to fall in love with the players and the game all over again. Having no regrets starts with loving what you do. Love can truly drive out the best in any individual. This love must have personal ownership and feelings, rather than having someone else push you in a direction that they want you to go. Reviewing the question of "who am I satisfying", many athletes simply train to satisfy their parents, or to be apart of a group with friends and to just feel apart of a group. The true feeling of satisfaction comes from personal ownership and personal direction. Being at the age of 12, 15, 18 or older, you still have many years ahead to play and compete in the game that you LOVE. What is important is that you find a way to wake up each day to recreate the passion and deep desire that brings out your love for what you do. Before you know it you will be to old to bend over and tie up your skates, dawn the pads, and compete. Eventually you will leave the game. As in the case of the "Wizard of Westwood", you too will be remembered for your past. Now though, it is up to you to create the memories that others will have of you. Keep this in mind in the coming weeks each time you wake up to start your training. What do you LOVE about the game? What do you want your teammates, coaches, competition, and fans to say about your character and how you played the game? ___________________________________________________________________________


Head over to The Rink Training Centre Blog at www.therink.ca on Wednesday to catch THE WEEKLY WORD for all the news on the players training at the centre!   ___________________________________________________________________________

Kasdorf and Boes Hit the Ice at Jets Development Camp:

The end of Winnipeg Jets Development Camp was early Friday afternoon at the MTS Iceplex. GDI goalies Jason Kasdorf and Corbin Boes defended the net together in Group B. The camp provided the organization a chance to do some baseline testing of all their prospects, but also to hammer home the importance of things like nutrition and proper training. Just as important was the opportunity to get the best young talent together, many of whom may be teammates in the future. For more on the Winnipeg Jets Development Camp Click Here. ___________________________________________________________________________

Nathan Lieuwen Speaks with the Media Following the Second Day of Development Camp:

Back on May 5th the Buffalo Sabres announced that they had signed Nathan Lieuwen to a three-year, entry-level contract. In parts of five WHL seasons with Kootenay, Lieuwen posted a regular season record of 85-59-8-7. He backstopped the Ice to a Memorial Cup Championship in 2010-11, earning WHL Playoff MVP honors after going 16-2-1 with a 2.24 goals against average and .923 save percentage. This past week on the 10th Lieuwen was interviewed by the media of the Buffalo Sabres on the second day of their Development Camp. Going up to several tough questions, the  167th overall draft pick in 2011, was very humble about his position and about his future going through hockey as a goaltender. When asked about being a 6th round pick Lieuwen explained that it is never a given ever in the game of hockey as a lot is based on performance. Being honest when asked about the team having 3 goatlenders being projected to head to Rochester he said,"There is always be competition no matter where you go. There is always going to be others guys who want your spot, and I am just one of those guys that wants the spot, and I am going to go out there and work my butt off and do the best that I can to be there." For more on the interview watch the video below:


Ian Clark Helping Develop Youth Hockey in Central Ohio:

The Gahanna Lincoln Lions Ice Hockey Organization and the Capital Hockey Conference recently held a Goalie Clinic for High School goaltenders in central Ohio which was run by Columbus Blue Jackets Goalie Coach Ian Clark. They held 4 ice sessions with teams assigned to 2 of the 4 sessions.  Coach Clark worked on goaltender fundamentals and various aspects of the art of goaltending. Through an interview with Blue Jackets TV Clark states, "You got to recognize where they are at (developmentally), and make sure at the end of the day each one of these goaltenders, regardless of their skill level, is walking away with something... You have to be firm with it, but at the same time you got to make sure that your identifying the unique needs to each of these young players. Furthermore, Clark went on to proclaim that the intangibles of having strong habits, and work ethic, will determine the distance that any goaltender will go.  

  Ian Clark is recognized as a leading educator of the goaltending position as his knowledge and innovative approach has attracted high-performance goaltenders at the NHL, minor pro, major junior and NCAA levels. He was the founder of the Goaltender Development Institute and served as technical author of From the Crease – The Self Development Guide to Hockey Goaltending from 1998-2003 and The Goalie News from 2003-08. ___________________________________________________________________________  

Junior and NCAA 3v3 Skates Tearing Up the Ice at THE RINK:

Every Friday some of the best Junior and Midget players from across the prairies lace up their skates to compete at The Rink. Goaltenders go up against players such as Justin Hamonic, Derek Mulvena, Brennan Middagh, Colin Baudry, Brendan Harms, Christian Stockl, and more! This past week goaltenders Teagan Sacher and Adam Jones went up against the guys after having a grueling 2nd week of the Total GDI Academy. Also between the pipes in The Rink's Female NCAA skates was Abby Ryplanski, Brittni Mowat, and Stephanie Douglas. Both goalies went up against some of the best across Canada, including: Jocelyn Larocque, Katie Wilson, Meghan Dufault, and more.

CLICK HERE for pictures from this past week 3v3 games.



During the summer a large focus for our staff is to make sure that each student is learning and detailing their game with new aspects that they may be unaware of. The summer months are important to develop in areas that may not be strong and to add new areas and habits if needed.  

Upcoming programs that we offer for goaltenders in the next two months include:

The Off-Season Total GDI Academy

Prospect Clinics

Summers Camps

Conditioning Sessions

One-on-One Sessions

Elite Performance Off-Ice training.

  We cannot stress it enough, the ones that find success are the ones that prepare in detail and have a plan for how they will achieve their goals!