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Total GDI Academy (Off-Season Edition):  Week 3 Report

  Each Monday this section is dedicated to the goaltender of the Academy. Features include updates on group progress, pictures, and videos.     Surround Yourself + Learn From Great People Relationships last a lifetime. Being an athlete you have the unique opportunity to meet and communicate with many people that can each have a dramatic impact on how you are as an individual. For example, as "The Great One" Wayne Gretzky found success at a very young age, growing up he had the opportunity to be introduced to "Mr. Hockey" Gordie Howe in 1972 at the 1972 Kiwanis "Great Men of Sports" Dinner inBrantford, Ontario. At that moment he may not have understood exactly how the moment would have an affect on his career. Every athlete has an idol. A favorite player, a person they look up to. Having an admiration for someone that is older, someone that you can look up to, is a great character building block to have. In a past interview with John Davidson, Gretzky claims that he got lucky to have so much history with his idol.
"I got really lucky. My hero was a wonderful man, and he was even bigger and better when I met him. Gordie was out there and I was practicing and I was so nervous. Most nervous I think I had ever been for a hockey game. He told me just win the face-off, get the puck into my corner, and get in front of the net.  I scored 8 seconds into the game and I remember saying to myself... Gordie Howe  this guy is really amazing." (Ultimate Gretzky, NHL 2003)
The simplicity of having someone to idolize and look up to is that you don't have to look in the news or to the TV to "see" them. Relationships can be made with great role models and teachers that surround you within sport. As Gretzky has modeled the modesty and driven characteristics from his childhood hero he also learned from many others around him. Looking to the environment of a hockey player one has the opportunity to meet and build relationships with teammates, coaches, billets, and alumni. In relation, an atmosphere for a goaltender includes such experiences as being at the age of twelve and training on the same ice as a Junior or Professional goaltender. On the opposite side, as a goaltender reaches a high level he gains that stature and credibility and must represent leadership characteristics to young athletes. In this past weeks Allstate All Canadian Mentorship Camp 1997 born players had several days to skate alongside young NHL stars such as Taylor Hall and John Tavares. Such an experience can be enriching to meet these stars but also to learn from them and ask questions. When looking to the individuals in your life that you admire it is important to think about the qualities that make these individuals so admirable and how you might foster such qualities into your own life. Modeling and borrowing well respected traits from individuals in your life is one way you can nurture and build yourself as an athlete. THIS WEEK:Take note of the people that surround you daily. From your mom and dad, close friends, coaches, and others you train with. When in the dressing room, on the ice or in the gym, look to the individuals that you respect. Understand how they inspire you in a positive way to achieve your future goals.   For Total GDI Academy pictures from this past week CLICK HERE. ___________________________________________________________________________


Head over to The Rink Training Centre Blog at www.therink.ca on Wednesday to catch THE WEEKLY WORD for all the news on the players training at the centre!   ___________________________________________________________________________

All-State All Canadian Mentorship Camp - Tyson Verhelst Shines in First:

Manitoba born Tyson Verhelst was the only representative for his province at this years All-State All Canadian Mentorship Camp. This past Saturday 42 1997 born players hit the ice to compete in front of a large 3,000 fans in attendance to watch the two young squads. NHL superstar John Tavares, defeated a team coached by NHL superstar Taylor Hall 9-8 in a shootout after Team Hall rallied back from a four-goal deficit and tied the game with 0.7 seconds left in regulation. In the first period Verhelst made several big saves to hold a 2-1 lead for Team Hall after 20 minutes. To view the TSN video profile on Verhelst after period 1 Click Here. The Allstate All-Canadians Mentorship Program was created by the National Hockey League Players’ Association, in partnership with Allstate Insurance Company of Canada, in 2010. The program is a platform for NHL Players to give back to their roots by sharing their experiences, skills, and insights with the next generation of young hockey players, parents, and coaches. From this great experience, GDI Prairies would like to notice Tyson for his success and recent development within the Mentorship Camp and would like to wish him all the best heading through the off-season and into his first year of midget. For more on the camp, including videos from coaches and people involved Click Here.   ___________________________________________________________________________

GDI Goalies Moving With A Purpose:

After completing three weeks of the academy many GDI goaltenders have completed close to 12 hours of on-ice training and 12 hours of off-ice training. It is an under statement when saying that the hockey season is long. When dealing with the aches and pains of training from the 2-4 months of preparation for competition for the regular season it can seem even longer. It is important that within this time an athlete has courage. The one that faces their fears and looks to move forward rather than halting their efforts will be able to find their "new self". Many of the goaltenders that train at GDI Prairies find themselves changing every time they are on the ice. Mentally and physically they are getting stronger. Looking to the GDI On-Ice Conditioning Sessions each goaltender brings a sense of courage when they wake up in the morning... when they come to their second skate of the week... and when they drive out mental and physical reserves of their capabilities. The Japanese word Kaizen refers to practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes. Practicing Kaizen can be displayed on the ice by pushing your limits. Moving with more power, more precision and control, and having the inner drive to be better. Dare to get outside of your comfort zone, and know that the only limits you have as an athlete are those that you set yourself.   ___________________________________________________________________________

Goal Driven Athletes Travel to the Prairies:

As students in highschool or university know that deadlines are important, the same can be said for goals and objectives. A simple step in achieving your goals is setting a timeline. When attaching a timeline to your goals you will stay committed to them. Making the commitment starts early. From July 13th to 18th Prince Albert goaltender Taryn Phaneuf completed two one-on-one training sessions per day. Recognized for his dedication and recent accomplishments at the National Aboriginal Championships Phaneuf captured the Vaughn 3rd Star of the Month for June. Another goaltender that has taken action is Travis Pelletier. Coming from Regina, Saskatchewan Travis has trained with GDI Prairies for the past several years and is starting his on-ice training early in the off-season and is making the trek this upcoming week to attend several sessions at the training centre. Longtime GDI goaltender Jessica Campbell will be in for one-on-one training sessions this upcoming week to do a bundle of sessions. Driving in from Flin Flon Campbell comes to the training centre throughout the year. A dedicated student of the game, she displays a passionate nature for the position and a willingness to improve within the smallest detail each time she is on the ice. Other goaltenders have drove in from a list of areas around Manitoba such as Killarney, Brandon, Glenbro, Beausejour, Carberry, and Flin Flon.   ___________________________________________________________________________  

NCAA/Midget Girls Getting Their Competitive Edge Back on Fridays:

Every Friday some of the best Junior and Midget players from across the prairies lace up their skates to compete at The Rink. On the 20th NCAA D1 Bemidji State University's Abby Ryplanski and 2012 Esso Cup Championship Goaltender Brittni Mowat defended the net in opposite ends of the ice. These skates are faced paced with constant end to end puck movement. Both goaltenders have been training through one-on-one instruction at GDI and have transported their skills into the Friday morning skates. Competitive game-like situations + detailed instruction = Strong On-Ice Preparation   ___________________________________________________________________________


During the summer a large focus for our staff is to make sure that each student is learning and detailing their game with new aspects that they may be unaware of. The summer months are important to develop in areas that may not be strong and to add new areas and habits if needed. Make sure to know your timeline. Know when your training camp/ tryouts are for this upcoming season and have a calender set in stone for how you will prepare to be ready. **     Book your training sessions in advance! Don't wait... many dates and times are already full. Secure your future success now!     **  

Upcoming programs that we offer for goaltenders in the next two months include:

The Off-Season Total GDI Academy

Prospect Clinics

Summers Camps

Conditioning Sessions

One-on-One Sessions

Elite Performance Off-Ice training.

  We cannot stress it enough, the ones that find success are the ones that prepare in detail and have a plan for how they will achieve their goals!