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Total GDI Academy (Off-Season Edition):  Week 4 Report

  Each Monday this section is dedicated to the goaltender of the Academy. Features include updates on group progress, pictures, and videos.     Happiness Comes From The Process To enjoy the process, over the end result, you must find enjoyment through learning and improving. As the Total GDI Academy moves through the month of July and August goaltenders are seeking to dive deep into their personal game to find areas that need improvement and to instill and maintain strong habits. The athletes that are curious about what they are doing on the ice and have a distinct passion for what they are doing are the ones that will find a way to advance beyond where they currently are within their skill set. For example, both Goalie A and Goalie B played at the same level this past season, both at the top of the league in statistics. Goalie A started his off-season training in the middle of July. After feeling superior last season, his start to his training in the summer was the opposite. Attempting to get his hand eye coordination back was a tough. Without putting up a struggle to think and respond to fixing the detailed problems Goalie A gradually gave in to giving little effort. Goalie B was on the opposite end of the spectrum. After a great season he went into the off-season with a mindset of wanting to improve. Stepping on the ice early in the summer he took each day one at a time. Every ice session he stayed centered around what he was doing at the current moment. He recognized that the pain and struggle in many on and off ice sessions was a sign for advancing and finding a new comfort level. In the end, Goalie B was the one that felt the 2-4 months go by quick. He didn't feel as if the days were dragging on. Goalie A on the other hand simply wanted his training to be over and to get back to where he was in the past at the end of last season. The aspect of being centered when practicing is important. Lou Holtz, College Football Hall of Fame Coach, had the ability to help focus himself and his past teams by thinking the acronym WIN, which stands for What's Important Now. When an athlete schedules a calender for how they will go about each day, and organizes their mind for how they will approach each day, they will find happiness and in return a path to success. Continue to do what you've done before and the results will remain the same. Put your focus on what you can do today that will in turn get you to where you want to go in the future. Focus should never be on where you have been. Only on where you are going. Develop a mindset of enjoying the process of learning and having the curiosity to explore and climb through the trenches of struggle and pain. For Total GDI Academy pictures from this past week CLICK HERE. ___________________________________________________________________________


Head over to The Rink Training Centre Blog at www.therink.ca on Wednesday to catch THE WEEKLY WORD for all the news on the players training at the centre!   ___________________________________________________________________________

Strecker Competes at Western Prospects:

Eastman Selects goaltender Christian Strecker competed over this past week in the Western Prospect Tournament. Here Strecker had the opportunity to play with several players across Western Canada at a highly skilled level. At the end of the week, he was awarded with one of the 4 goalie spots in the top 80 game.  He started the top 80 game and let in 1 goal on 17 shots. ___________________________________________________________________________

Goal Driven Athletes Travel to the Prairies:

As students in highschool or university know that deadlines are important, the same can be said for goals and objectives. A simple step in achieving your goals is setting a timeline. When attaching a timeline to your goals you will stay committed to them. Making the commitment starts early. This upcoming week goaltender Zach Rakochy is making the trek out to Winnipeg. Training with GDI Prairies for the past four years Rakochy has created many success stories along the way. Being selected to Team West Under 17 and helping Melville and Steinbach evolve into competitive teams are some to be mentioned. ___________________________________________________________________________


During the summer a large focus for our staff is to make sure that each student is learning and detailing their game with new aspects that they may be unaware of. The summer months are important to develop in areas that may not be strong and to add new areas and habits if needed. Make sure to know your timeline. Know when your training camp/ tryouts are for this upcoming season and have a calender set in stone for how you will prepare to be ready. *Book your training sessions in advance! Don't wait... many dates and times are already full. Secure your future success now! *  

Upcoming programs that we offer for goaltenders in the next two months include:

The Off-Season Total GDI Academy

Prospect Clinics

Summers Camps

Conditioning Sessions

One-on-One Sessions

Elite Performance Off-Ice training.

  We cannot stress it enough, the ones that find success are the ones that prepare in detail and have a plan for how they will achieve their goals!  


Take a look below to see how Brian has been training at the centre for the upcoming 2012/2013 season with the MJHL Dauphin Kings.