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GDI Summer Camps:

As the season has finished up for many minor hockey players it is now time to look forwarded to preparing for next year! In August GDI Goaltending will be hosting a Summer Camp in Brandon and Winnipeg this year! To REGISTER Click Here. GDI’s camps have long stood for a comprehensive approach to goaltender development with a strong emphasis on the technical, psychological, physiological and equipment dimensions of the game. For more information on GDISummer Camps Click Here.___________________________________________________________________________

To Maintain A Job You Must Be Reliable:

After Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals there was a total of 23 goals scored. The Boston Bruins have put in 12 of the goals past the Chicago Blackhawks netminder, and after Game 4 the talk was more about how 8-10 of these and how they have gotten past the Blackhawks netminder's glove hand. Game 4 had Crawford allowing 5 on 33 shots. Sports Network analysts immediately went to hit the panic button for the Blackhawks as they believed they must be thinking about a possible change in their starting goaltender going into Game 5. This bring to mind the topic of classifying what a starting goaltender represents. When discussing what type of traits you would want to have in your starting goaltender a couple key points come to mind: For one they must be consistent. Typically this means that you will see the same goaltender from day to day and not one totally different from one game to the next. The team as a whole has a consistent idea of how they will play and have no doubt when they are in net for pressure situations. Number two it is important that they are unshakable. Especially in a seven game series a teams starting netminder must show no representation of being "knocked off" their game from a weak goal, traffic being around them, or the opposing team talking to them. To me, these two traits of being consistent and unshakable boil down to a team being able to rely on their goaltender. When a goalie is reliable the team can fall back on them when needed. A team is able to play their game in terms of systems and in terms of taking chances. Now, turning the page to the following game the Blackhawks were led to a 3-1 victory with Crawford making 24 of 25 saves. Although the goal against was on his glove side, a win is a win and ultimately the goals against was down. Of course reporters will questions if Crawford will be able to get the job done... Doubt will still remain as this of course is going into a Game 6. With that said, now the camera switches to Tukka Rask who will be looked upon to be reliable in this one tonight. One vivid picture that sticks out going into this one is the save the breakaway save that he had made in Game 7 against Toronto when the score was 4-2 for Toronto with just over three minutes remaining in the Game before the Bruins made their triumphant comeback. We will see what each goaltenders has in store to backstop their team tonight to either capture force a Game 7 or capture a Stanley Cup. ___________________________________________________________________________


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