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The July/August edition of the MMGN will go over insight on training  Here we go!


Small Daily Goals Lead to Large Successes:

By this time in July there are now hundreds of goaltenders that attend weekly one-on-one on-ice training sessions, movement sessions, drills, off-ice training and more. During a session this past week I had a discussion with a goaltender about the mindset that should be there from one day to the next when training on and off the ice. We opened up the intention of training one hour to one minute at a time with the intention of not getting too far ahead looking at September and keeping the focus simply on today. With this in mind, many players have their central focus revolving around their "results" and their "big goals". It is said that the human brain produces approximately 70,000 thoughts on an average day. If a large percentage of these thoughts revolve around the future it will be very difficult to eventually get to that point that we desire as what we need to do today will not be done. The small goals that can be set within an hour practice will pay a much deeper reward than putting the focus on being the best for that whole hour practice. Think about going through a session with an intention to pick out small goal in each drill - small points that you want to improve on, rather than the whole picture of being "perfect" right away. Remind yourself each day: Small Daily Goals = Large Successess   ___________________________________________________________________________


Head over to The Rink Training Centre Blog at www.therink.ca on Wednesday to catch THE WEEKLY WORD for all the news on the players training at the centre! Wednesday reports on players are written by The Rink's Jon Cara and Monday reports on skill development are written by The Rink's Dave Cameron.

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