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Pay The Price or Enjoy The Benefits:

I truly believe that if what you are working towards, if what you desire to achieve, is something that you love to do then you will never have to pay the price. The statement of saying that "You must pay the price" in order to be successful... in order to get to the next level... to me sounds strictly unrewarding. When running early in the morning or when completing your fourth ice time of the week for example you must NOT look at the process of taking action as a negative. {Insert quote about process over results for thoughts} The goalies that look at the hour long sessions of movement or the grueling effort in learning a new technique as "paying the price" might as well look at attempting to pay their way onto a team. Paying to me means giving away wealth. Through ones effort there is no giving away, the process is about learning, growing, an enjoying the benefits that are gained. Thomas M. Sterner gives a great example when he discusses the simple state of nature,"Do you think that a flower seed sits in the ground and says, "This is going to take forever. When do I get to bloom? That's when I'll be happy; that's when everybody will be impressed with me." As funny as this sounds many of us analyze ourselves in the same way. We pick apart our deficiencies and think internally with thoughts that work against ourselves. When one develops a present-minded approach to their daily training they will be perfect at that point in time. In saying this, please take to heart that you can not speed up time and travel to the future! When you notice that you are transferring your internal thoughts from growing/learning to self-imposed pressures and expectations realize immediately that you have left the present moment. Pay attention to what you are doing at the moment. All pressures begin to drop away as you do this. Discussing goal setting and ones future big goals that are put on paper by many goaltenders I remind each goalie that I work with to know and think about their big goals, but don't make them the centre of attention. This is tough to understand for some, so in return I suggest taking a look back at the past three years and asking... "Would you have every thought you would be at the stage that you are at right now?" Remind yourself each day: I enjoy the benefits and rewards of my daily work ___________________________________________________________________________

Spokane Chiefs Goaltender Training From 22-26th :

The Spokane Chiefs Goaltending Coach and President of GDI Goaltending had four of the teams netminders out for five days. Matthew Berlin, Trevor Martin, Tyson Verhelst, and Garret Hughson were in Winnipeg for the duration of the week where they got to work closely with the Chiefs Goalie Coach. During the week they participated in two ice times daily, including two morning conditioning sessions that took place at 7am-8:15am. Matthew Berlin was drafted this year, most recently playing Bantam AAA in Edmonton. 1996 born Trevor Martin was drafted in the 2011 draft and played on the Sherwood Park Kings in the Alberta Midget AAA League. Tyson Verhelst played his first year of Midget for the AAA Southwest Cougars. Rookie Spokane goaltender Garrett Hughson stared in 27 games for the Chiefs where he held a record of 11-6-0 with 2 shutouts.



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