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The Words You Speak Translate to the Your Present Beliefs:

This may seem like a different topic to discuss at this time as training camps and tryouts are just right around the corner, but it is an important subject to discuss for that matter! Day to day we talk with family, friends, teammates. When we talk to others for more than a small chunk of time we typically discuss our feelings and thoughts. When doing so we can take the choose to do the following: A) Speak Positively B) Speak Negatively Of course the ideal choice would be to choose option A. Speaking positive translates to an athlete that concentrates on being optimistic and speaks with enthusiasm and an upbeat attitude. They don't put others down, rather they look to lift others up. They are appropriate in the words they choose and don't swear but preach kindness to others. Think about the players that are known as leaders. The way they speak is different from the players that are credited with being in option B. They bring the team up by carrying others up the hill rather than pushing them down. Players that speak positively have a positive mindset. In previous write-ups we have discussed writing out your goals and reading them out loud.  Think about studying for a test or exam. When writing down your notes on a subject and reading them to yourself out loud many tend to automatically remember the words. This response instills the subject to their memory. Now, think about this result in sport. If you are talking about your game negatively and talking about your team and the opposition negatively you will believe that this is true. You will think this way. To change this you must be thought conscious. Think about what you are about to say. Think... is what I am saying going to have a positive effect on me and also on the listener? In doing so you will find that you will be happy. If you are happy you will enjoy what you are doing and you will enjoy yourself. This is huge, especially before and during training camp!   Remind yourself each day: Think about the words that YOU choose to say to yourself and to others___________________________________________________________________________

Ryan Kubic at All-State All Canadian Mentorship Camp :

The final day of the 2013 Allstate All-Canadians National Mentorship Camp culminated with the event these kids have been training for all week - the Mentorship Cup game. Team Spezza (red) and Team Giroux (white) were pitted against each other in front of more than 3,000 screaming hockey fans at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga on Saturday, August 10th. The 2013 Mentorship Cup lived up to it's reputation and gave fans (in attendance and at home) a glimpse at what the future of Canadian hockey might look like a few years down the road. Team Spezza ended up winning by a score of 6-5 at the games end. GDI Goaltender Ryan Kubic played in the second period on the winning team representing Manitoba born players at the camp.




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