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  Starting tryouts and training camps quickly over the past week or coming weeks many goaltenders have high hopes of showing their top game to the coaches in hope of catching their interest. Displaying your talents under pressure can be a tough task to take on. One of the biggest contributing factors in inhibiting performance under pressure is self-doubt. During evaluations it is important that self-confidence is maintained by focusing on your own talents and efforts.    

A couple things to remember:


This specifically relates to doubting your ability. If you begin to criticize another goaltender or acquire jealousy you will stray away from thinking about your own strengths and attributes that you must focus on for YOU to be your best. Faith is a state of mind. It is important that your mindset on every skate where you are being evaluated is under control of focusing on your own positive strengths that you bring to the table. Occupy your mind with dominating thoughts of all the things that you do well


There is no need to look cool while playing. If you are worried about the internal aspects about your game then you will not have your focus on the external aspects in front of you. Keeping your focus external is crucial to your performance. With this said, William James raised the question over a century ago that directing attention to the "remote effects" (i.e., outcome of a movement) would lead to better performance than attention to the "Close effects" (i.e., the movements). His illustrated point was, "Keep your eye at the place aimed at, and your hand will fetch [the target]; think of your hand, and you will likely miss your aim". Now, think about being in a game environment in both practices and games. Pick out external events that you should focus on such as being aware of where the player is on the ice and reading his release. Stay away from focusing on where your hands are, if you look good with your stance. These aspects must have already been developed and enhanced over the spring/summer.


It is a known fact that the actions your take daily lead to becoming habits over time.  People view all of your habits as a representation of your character. During training camp let your habits of success shine out and radiate above the rest. Such aspects as being ready well in advance before ice times, completing the save process, contributing to the team unit by communicating to others on the ice, and much more. The known "easy areas" of a goaltenders game such as puck acceptance and puck collection must be in tact 100% of the time. There can be no slip ups in the simple areas that prove a goaltender has that habits and character that a team is looking for. Remind yourself each day: Put the best YOU on display for the team that you are wanting to make___________________________________________________________________________

GDI Winnipeg and Brandon Summer Camps Complete :

A front runner in providing the most comprehensive methods of training from year to year, GDI Summer Camps have helped goaltenders explore their personal journey within the position. GDI's camps have long stood for a comprehensive approach to goaltender development with a strong emphasis on the technical, psychological, physiological, and equipment dimension of the game. From August 12-16 GDI was in Brandon and then from the 19-23 in Winnipeg out of River Heights this year. Along with GDI Development Coordinator Dan Ferguson there were several Junior goaltenders that contributed in running two weeks of successful summer camps. A big thanks goes out to Teagan Sacher (WHL Regina Pats), Brian Archibald (MJHL Dauphin Kings, Adam Iwan (MJHL Portage Terriers), Tyler Gutenberg (MJHL Winkler Flyers), Justin Holder (MJHL Virden Oil Capitals), Adam Vanderlinden (MJHL Dauphin Kings), Sheridan Friesen (College of St. Scholastica Saints), Darris Hardern, and Stephanie Douglas. Every team success has a group of members that built it! The goaltenders in each camp, many new to GDI along with many veteran students, all put a tremendous amount of effort into all of the on and off ice sessions throughout the 5 days that they were at camp. Here are a couple pictures for you to take a look at! [gallery link="file" columns="5"] ___________________________________________________________________________

GDI Goalies Well Into WHL Training Camps :

With the Western Hockey League having several teams already well underway with their training camps many GDI Goaltenders are already off to their respected teams and starting the road to the beginning of the season! The first game of the WHL Pre-Seaon starts on August 27th with the Moose Jaw Warriors playing the Swift Current Broncos at the Credit Union i-plex. After that lone game exhibition games pour in with several games each night up until the 15th of September.


EASTERN Alex Moodie and Spencer Tremblay are both off to the Saskatoon Blades. Zach Robidoux and Tyler Gutenberg are both at the Medicine Hat Tigers Training Camp. Casey Parker and Corbin Boes are both with the Lethbridge Hurricanes. The Regina Pats start up towards the end of next week with Teagan Sacher, Dawson MacAuley, Adam Beaukaboom, and Mitch Adamyk coming to camp. WESTERNAustin Lotz and Mario Petit are both well into the Everett Silvertips camp. The Spokane Chiefs have veterans Eric Williams and Garret Hughson leading the pack along with Tyson Verhelst, Trevor Martin, Nicholas Patterson, Matthew Berlin, and Tanner Douglas having strong performances.The Seattle Thunderbirds have Logan Flodell entering camp as a 1997 born. The Prince George Cougars have Mac Engel and Ty Edmonds holding the veteran and rookie areas of the position for the team. Many others are still waiting to head to their teams in the coming days to get the hockey season started. GDI would like to wish all the best to every goaltender that is at each camp! For more info on all WHL Training Camps Click Here. ___________________________________________________________________________


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