Vaughn Custom Sports continues to expand its family of Carbon Enhanced Performance pads, adding a new look, new features and new options to the Velocity V6 line with the 2300 pads. The first difference that jumps out is the square knee rolls, but that’s far from the only new feature in the Velocity V6 2300 pad. And while the knee rolls may invoke thoughts of the more flexible Velocity V6 2000 pad, the reality is this new 2300 pad is closer in fit and feel to the flat-faced Velocity V6 2200 pad that debuted last season. Whereas the proprietary flexible carbon fiber is used only in the top of the V6 2000 pad, the core of the V6 2200 and new 2300 pad has the Carbon Enhanced Performance technology from top to bottom.V6-2300-pad-down-1-of-1 Like the V6 2200 pad, the new V6 2300 features Vaughn’s new Pro Core, an inner foam that runs top to bottom, eliminating clean breaks and preventing any settling as it breaks in. With the additional carbon fiber running through the solid core, the pads literally bounce back to form after being flexed. The true beauty of both pads is they do both with ease: flexing with the skate and lower leg at the boot break, and wrapping around the five-hole at the knee – all without sacrificing pad height or shape over time. And the new V6 2300 has two additional pieces of carbon fiber to further enhance that flex performance. For the full InGoal Magazine Article Click Here B3KPT_vCAAAopXjVaughn continues to be a partner of GDI Goaltending and is the number one choice of equipment for GDI Goalies. That list includes James Reimer (Toronto Maple Leafs), Martin Jones (Los Angeles Kings), Jason Kasdorf (RPI Engineers), Ty Edmonds (Prince George Cougars) and many more. Vaughn equipment demos are also available at The Rink Training Centre with GDI Goaltending. Currently available for demos: Vaughn Velocity 4 7250 (28″+1) Vaughn Velocity 5 7800 (35″+1) Vaughn Ventus LT90 (34″+2) Contact us at for more information.