August and September are two months that are filled with an overwhelming amount of commitment. Besides school starting up, goaltenders around are now competing for spots on their desired team. Dedication and time commitments are revolved around traveling to the rink, and practicing and playing day in and day out.

After having a relaxing summer you are now thrown into a stressful environment where you are competing for a spot on the team. Defensemen are fighting for a spot available to 6-8 individuals while Forwards have 12- 15 available. Most teams carry a maximum of two goaltenders, which progressively leaves you a percentage chance to be noticed and signed to a team based upon the amount of goaltenders trying out. Drastically, several camps see 15 plus goaltenders fighting for a spot.

This pressure filled situation conquers many goaltenders and leaves them in a state of discouragement and defeat. The two goaltenders that will eventually be on the team are chosen for numerous reasons, one relating to their confidence level while competing.

As a goaltender you must be confident, and you MUST establish a personal drive to make the team you are competing to have a spot on. You MUST except the factors that come into play to make this team whether they be good or bad. Excepting these factors will help you develop self confidence and be sure of your own ability. This creates personal enjoyment and excitement towards your success.

A competitive goaltender shows NO weakness and doesn't doubt their ability in net. Control each situation during drills, inter-squad games, and Exhibition. Elite goaltenders control the positive and negatives by not allowing themselves to get too up or too down.

The save is what is expected. Face each new challenge with the same confident and optimal manner. Always expect to show your best.