Planning for the upcoming season?

Want to have your goaltenders set to keep your team in each game all season long?

If your looking for training that will get your goalies on that "hot-streak" then look no further!

GDI Prairies offers Association and Team goaltender development packages.

As we know, the position of goal is critical to team success and, in most cases, provides the greatest single input to this team success. With this in mind, it is vital that each association provides a comprehensive development approach for their goaltenders. Goaltending instruction has gone through an enormous evolution over the past decade and GDI continues to be the frontline of innovation and teaching within the goaltending community.

GDI will visit your association on a weekly basis to provide a season long, progressive appraoch to your netminders development needs. Instruction is available in team-practice environments, clinic formats or at the GDI-Prairies Training Center. GDI will assist your association or team with the ongoing development of the goaltenders position in a positive development environment for them to learn and progress.

Solve that problem of being worried in close games. Don't let other teams be a step ahead, Contact GDI Prairies today to have your goalies prepared and leading your team to success!