There’s nothing quite like the start of a new season for a minor hockey player. It’s like the first day of school, except you’re eager to get it started. You see seasonal friends you maybe haven’t seen since hockey ended last and hit the ice doing what you love most for the first time in months (unless you go non-stop in the summer, since that might take some of the excitement out of it all). It’s also the time when overbearing parents come out of the woodwork and do their best to (ignorantly) ruin what can be a great and educational childhood activity. Rep tryouts can be a harsh experience if you’re cut and that’s when the blindest of parents tend to step in and make their presence felt. They either think they have all the answers or take the misguided approach to try and protect their kids from the bad news by blaming others. They’ll puff their chests out and have an open conflict with the coaches, which only ever results in one thing: an even worse, more humiliating experience and no lesson learned for the youngster. For more on this article Click Here.