How can we get to where we dream of being? Back on the 15th of June in 2008 I ran my first half marathon. Trying to remember vivid images of the run now seem like a blur. The only THOUGHT that I can remember was that when I had reached the finish line of the 13.1 Miles I remember thinking that this seemed easy. I want a challenge. Next year 26.2 here I come! Everything in life starts with a single step. The trouble is taking that first step tends to be a big one. A number of people go through life "thinking" what they "want" and simply leaving it at that. There are countless thoughts entering our mind daily. Some last for brief seconds, some we ponder and hold onto.  These thoughts help us process ideas and goals. The next step beyond this is the one that WILL move you forward. The big step, the one to take ACTION! What propels someone to turn their thoughts into action? A person that is truly PASSIONATE about what they love will have the CURIOSITY to go beyond what the normal person does. They will take their goal and expand it into a bigger dream. That first half marathon will turn into a full marathon. A run full of slow walks, pain, and mental fatigue. The first time you step onto the ice at the age of 5 you were held up by your arms. Several years later you stopped your first puck. Gradually the thought of stopping a puck as a career came along. The ones that keep going, keep making their dreams larger, are the individuals that are curious about what else they can do, and how much further they can go. Being passionate and curious, they find a way to make it happen. For the athletes that are still in school, think about the last paper you wrote that deserved an A+ grade. One that you felt happy to hand in and couldn't wait to get back. How much time did you put into it? How many times did you struggle to get a paragraph right, or to find that reference that had the best fit into relating your writing back to your topic thesis. Asking a large percentage of students, most cannot stand being busy by school, having to do homework and being glued to a textbook. But, ultimately, the ones that succeed in school like the idea of succeeding! They understand that this work and time is all about the small little efforts that lead to big change. The first step leading on to the next approximate 52,436 steps can help you get through a full marathon. Thinking about where you want to go? Go out and take the first step. Take ACTION and don't be afraid of the struggle that you may encounter along the way!