The mark of a leader ... First I would like you to think about the following: How do you show up to each ice time mentally and physically? What type of character represents yourself each day?   As training camp is a long treterous process, it is important to treasure the present day. No matter how great or how poor yesterday was today must be your moment of excellence.  

Great tips on how to stay present:

  • Breathe - Staying refreshed all starts with breathing! The easier we breathe the less stressed we are. The more continuity we have when we breathe the easier it is to think. Use your breathing to calm you down before the play gets closer, use it to ease your frustration, use it to get you back into the present.
  • Change the Channel - When we flick on the T.V. and we run into a show we don't like what do we do? All it takes is a quick click and we are onto viewing something that we enjoy. This being said, just as we know what shows we don't like we must also be mentally aware of the thoughts that keep us at our best and which ones bring us down. Know when your mind is getting side tracked with negative destructive thoughts. When this happens, simply change the channel to something you like!
  • Process Over Results - Understand that in order to reach your long term goals you must invest in taking action daily. John Wooden proclaims, "Don't look for big, quick improvement. Seek improvement one day at a time. That's the only way it happens - and when it happens, it lasts." By having a long term investment of taking daily actions you will find that in the end the actions and the small details you put in are the things that you will admire in the end of your run.
  • Minute By Minute - Don't get ahead of yourself. In the first period you should be focusing on one shot at a time, one penalty kill at a time, and one breakaway at a time. At 12:02 of the 2nd period you should be knowing what is happening right at 12:02 of the 2nd period. Do not fight time! Enjoy it and relish the moments you are counted on!
  • Mind Between The Boards - Some of the biggest distractions happen outside of the boards. Media, coaches, and evaluators are all distractions that are not on the ice. What is between your ears (your mind) must be concentrating on what is between the boards (the game). Following the puck movements, player changes, and team systems will all aid in helping your mind stay focused on the game.
  • Each Day Is A New Day - No matter how well your last practice went or how strong your last game performance was you must continue to build. The ones that sit back and admire their victories and success gradually fall into the pit of declined growth. The ones that keep moving forward (KMF) are the ones that will set new standards for themselves.
  An investment of your best work cannot be simply put into one day at the rink. A goaltender that shows leadership will push aside the act of complacency and stay in the present!