With the end of the Winnipeg GDI Summer Camp approaching, it has hit that time now to register and attend upcoming evaluations and training camps. Here at GDI Prairies we have established a meaning of "Success" within the company and have instilled this into every athlete that we have a chance to meet. For goaltenders, success at times is individually driven and takes personal motivation to achieve certain desires, goals, and objectives. This week at the Winnipeg Regional Camp we have moved each goaltender to be "driven" to succeed, on and off the ice, and in the classroom. Many of these goaltenders hope to move on to play at a competitive and an elite level for many years to come. With this in mind, we have reminded each goaltender daily that it takes a certain type of dedication to reach new heights. Specifically it takes an individual that is never satisfied. Someone that strives to achieve perfection within their game, and maintain excellence for every performance. Students at the camp we put through an extensive curriculum throughout the week, that provided them with countless detailed corrections and additions to fine tune their game before heading into the season. A large focus was also directed towards each goaltenders fitness level with routine fitness testing each day, along with off-ice fitness component workouts and hand eye coordination exercises. Providing every nurtured aspect of the position to each goaltender will ultimately decrease doubt and increase confidence. This has become a stable at GDI over the years. Moving into Day 5... each goaltender is wrapped up with ice packs, bandages, fatigue, and mental wear and tear. Here are several pictures from the week: [gallery link="file" columns="4"]