Bobrovsky's goaltending coach, Ian Clark, has been impressed by his star pupil's work ethic. Clark told Sports Illustrated: Bob’s a very athletic, very competitive goaltender. He plays the butterfly like so many others today, but he has that extra dimension with his natural athleticism...He’s naturally gifted with the agility and flexibility that allow him to contort his body in dramatic ways to make stops and keep his eyes on the puck to carry on the fight. He has the opportunity and the mindset to be an elite goaltender. He has the desire to get better. There isn’t a day that he enters the building without a desire and willingness to get better...There’s no doubt in my mind that he can be an elite goaltender. Regular-season success is one thing, but as any hockey fan knows, the playoffs are an entirely different ballgame... For more on this article Click Here. Bobrovsky's teammates also know how important he is to the club's success. "It makes much less pressure for everybody else [when Bobrovsky is playing well]," veteran defenseman Adrian Aucoin told "You get that confidence when even if you give up a two-on-one, you have the feeling he'll make that save. You're never worried about him so you worry about the thing that matter more to you...It's a luxury to have guys you can count on."